Dear Clients,

We would like to bring our new service to your attention – the European Arts Auction House MyEuropeanArts on-line portal. Thanks to this portal, you have the opportunity to create your on-line account by going through a one-time registration and then taking part in all of our live on-line auctions, following the video broadcast of our auctions, and administering your account easily and in one place.

For activation of your account, you will first have to sign in. For you to be able to fully utilise all the benefits of your on-line account, you must complete all the mandatory items in our registration form on our web pages and upload a scan of your identification card (i.e. a valid identity card or passport). A confirmation e-mail message will then be sent to your provided e-mail address; after clicking on the confirmation link you will be able to set up your password and complete the final step of your registration. Your profile will then be approved by the authorised European Arts officer; the approval will take around 24 hours and you will be notified of your successful registration via e-mail.

After the approval (you will see the approval progress in the right-hand side bar of your profile; if everything is in order “The account has been fully approved” will be displayed here) you will already be able to take part in auctions in our new on-line environment!

How to do it?

During the current auction, you can look at the whole auction catalogue, administer your profile as well as enable the opportunity to:

  • Order a phone auction by clicking on the phone symbol of the items you have selected
  • provide the fixed limit by entering the limit amount you have selected in the respective box and of the items you have selected
  • order the on-line participation for the items you have selected in the live on-line auction by clicking on the computer symbol of the items you have selected

You will be able to perform all these actions no later than 24 hours before the live on-line auction commences. The time within which all these three auction actions can be ordered is displayed in the upper section of the screen after clicking through into the current items catalogue.

Orders for the phone auction will then be processed by the auction house staff. Your request will be recorded and assigned to a phone operator who will contact you on the auction day, about one hour before its commencement, by phone on the number you have provided in order to arrange the specific progress of the phone auction. Please make sure your profile contains the correct phone number on which you would like to be contacted on auction day. A phone auction can be ordered by clicking on the phone symbol of the items you have selected.

The fixed limits will also be processed by the auction house staff as has been the case thus far. Your request will be recorded and the respective item auctioned to you up to the fixed limit you have provided.

You will be able to make orders for individual items for the live on-line auction participation by clicking on the computer symbol . In the case of items ordered for live on-line auction participation, the live video broadcast will start in the “Live on-line auction” section of your profile and the items you have pre-ordered will be unlocked one-by-one for you to make live bids and take part in the live on-line auction. In the left-hand side section of the screen, you will see the video broadcast from the auction hall; the right-hand side of the screen will show the auction module in which the currently auctioned item is being processed and its current price. After clicking on the red pushbutton with the price bid (“Bidding”), you will be able to place your bids for the given item. Please allow for a short time delay caused by the Internet broadcast; in case of any discrepancies, reload the web page by pressing the F5 key; we also recommend accessing the auction using a stable, fast and fixed Internet connection.

Once the auction is over, you will see in your profile what auction item(s) you won; you will also receive a confirmation e-mail message with all the necessary information. In case of any questions or discrepancies, please do not hesitate to contact us on +420 233 342 293, we will be happy to assist you with whatever you want to know and require.

We wish you many successful auctions, Aukční síň European Arts